Web Scraping For Fun and Profit

A good starting point for your site is to get a copy of all the content you have created since you started shooting. We want to create a spreadsheet of sorts called a database, of all our videos. You’ll need a CMS such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, or Drupal to sell your videos on.

60.7% of all websites using a known content management system (CMS) in 2019 use WordPress. WordPress.com gets 144 million unique monthly visits, which makes it the 5th most-viewed platform in the US after Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter.

The Good

Web scrapers are fast, and automated.

The Bad

You’re gonna break a ToS or two. But fucking prove it, you know what I mean? This would be a good place for me to plug NordVPN. If you’re gonna be using web crawlers, spiders, or automated tools of this nature, make sure you have a VPN enabled! Don’t scrape the shit out of their sites or anyone else’s stores and you’ll be good. And obviously only post your own content.

Rule #1

Always post to your own website first. Google uses the post’s publication/indexing date as a factor when ranking duplicate content in the SERPs.

  1. Create a sitemap for your website
  2. Submit your sitemap(s) to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines you care about.

The Ugly

So you’ve got Google Analytics installed on your site and collecting data. For those of you who don’t, do a quick search for “how to install Google Analytics“.

Now that you’re back, lets get into it — this is where it gets ugly. Data science is as much of an art as it is a science.

I’ve got two words for you — duplicate content. There’s a lot of ways to make this strategy work without duplicating your content. Search engines love good, unique content. You could hire writers to write a unique description for each platform, for each clip. So whether you hire 3 writers, or 5 writers, there all gonna write descriptions for the same videos, and each version is gonna go out to a different domain (Clip Site/Store). Each time you create a copy of the content on another site you are creating some competition across all the domains you post it on, but by having a unique description, you are fixing this issue.

Cross-posting your content to clip stores, distributors, and tube sites should be the cornerstone of any porn business strategy. I mean, it’s your content. I’m gonna guess yoy copy and paste it between your stores? Probably. Just get organized and open a st and alone website for yourself if you sell you porn videos or fetish clips online.

Try not to create too many versions of the original content, as it will hurt you in the long run. A lot of you probably do it already and don’t know it. Forunately you can always go back and fix it later, and you should take advantage of that as soon as you can. If you just want to update a clip store, any description will get you ~99% the way there. Imagine this, you distribute to your paysite, clip store #1, clip store #2, and clip store #3. Your store gets updated and it mostly marketed within that domain name. So manyvids.com if it’s your ManyVids store, and so on.

But now you have four versions of more-or-less the same content, and that’s not a great long-term strategy. If you want your clips to sell forever, make sure to put unique titles, descriptions, keywords and even (not always) categories.

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