How to Build a Scalable WordPress/WooCommerce Store

So you can run a small WordPress site on a single server. The web server (NGINX/Apache), PHP, MySQL database are all running on the same computer. That’s a good place to start when you first launch your own website (which you should do for a variety of good reasons. Read “Why I should build my own porn website.”) It’s the simplest method and you probably won’t have the traffic to justify a large server.

The thing about running a video platform is you have to store a lot of really large files — hunderds of 1GB+ files for your customers to buy or stream online. You don’t wanna run out of room to upload new files so you need to make sure the hard drive for the server is appropriately sized to fit your entire catalog and handle the next few years of uploads/updates. My site currently stores 557.5 GB of video content. That’s not even including the trailers.

Sp either I need to rent a server from Vultr (or some other webhost) with over 500GB hard drive (block storage) on it, which can get quite expensive — 500GB on Vultr costs $50/mo. Or better yet I can store these movies on an S3 storage server (object storage) for only $10/mo on Vultr. S3 object storage is a filesystem that expands infinitely, and you just pay what you use. You can also mount this S3 storage to you Linux server’s filesystem and use it exactly like a native hard drive, and never have to worry about running out of space — ever! Also, if you move your WordPress Site to a new server you don’t have to copy the files from one site to the next — you simply mount your S3 storage “bucket” to the new server using S3FS.

I’d recommend using S3FS to mount your S3 bucket to either /var/www/html/wp-content/uploads/ to ensure all your user-uploaded files of your WordPress installation will be saved to your cloud storage account. A better approach would be to save your entire web applications files to an S3 bucket and mount that to your /var/www/html/ folder, and that contains your WordPress files, themes, plugins, uploads, everything in the root WordPress folder. Doing this will allow you to create a scalable app that can spin up multiple application servers using 1 copy of the same site files mounted to the multiple app servers. That way if you make one change to your sites files it gets updated across all your app servers because they’re all using the same mounted filesystem.

Tiered WordPress/WooCommerce Site

Here’s a diagram I made of Each 3D shape is a server (or network of servers — like the CDN). This is what a high-availability (redundant) WordPress site looks like on paper.

From front-to-back it’s as follows:

    Web Tier

  1. DNS Server. The domain name server itself, in my case hosted on Cloudflare — they are nice and help protect my IP address and include a firewall, caching, and other services to speed up or secure my site.
  2. Reverse-proxies w/ SSL acceleration
  3. HTTP accelerator Varnish
  4. App Tier

  5. WordPress installed on NGINX server cluster.
  6. PHP server cluster.
  7. Cache Tier

  8. Cache w/ REDIS
  9. Database Tier

  10. MySQL Cluster

Secrets of SEO: 301 Redirects and 410 Error Codes

Fix Broken Backlinks

Imagine each webpage as a sheet of paper. Each hyperlink on it is a path for web traffic to flow through. Now imagine pouring a glass of water over that paper; the water in this metaphor flows through all the links. PageRank flows through links just like the water in our example. Several factors affect how much flows through each link. Such as text-size, boldness, “no-follow”attributes, emphasis, heading size, and other HTML markup.

Each webpage has it’s own “surface area” of internal and external links. When you create a backlink on someone’s webpage you are adding your URL to the “surface area” of the linking site. Pagerank from the linking page/domain flows to your page, then pours over the surface area of said webpage.

Too many links dilutes the PageRank, causing an unwanted “leak” of PageRank. So be careful, and audit the number of links on your webpages from periodically.

Going back to the metaphor — Imagine what happens with a broken link. The PageRank flowing into the page will dry up if  there is no webpage to receive it. That’s where 404 error pages save the day, kinda. They offer an alternative route for the PageRank to flow through. It is important to have a 404 page which includes hyperlinks with which you want to share the recovered PageRank, as it’ll flows across your 404 page just the same.

Using 301 Redirects

So you’ve already built up some backlinks to a specific URL on your website. If you change the URL at some time you’ll want to do it properly.

  1. Change the URL to the desired “slug” or URI.
  2. Create a 301 redirect via your Content Management System, a plugin, or if those aren’t options — your web server configuration.

Please Note: It’s a bad idea to manually use your web server config files. It’s impractical and will not scale well, although it will work if your use case requires it.

It would be a good idea to use Google Analytics or audit your server logs to track 404 errors. Whenever you see a 404 error redirect it to the most relevant page on your site. This can be an individual product/post, a category page, or some other webpage.

410 Errors

If you do not want to redirect the page, or want it deleted from Google and other search engines, return a 410 error code. This lets bots and spiders indexing your site know you no longer want this in search engines. It also distributes the old webpage’s PageRank via the 404 page template. Use a CMS plugin such as Yoast SEO for WordPress, or web server logs to manage your redirects.

Web Scraping For Fun and Profit

A good starting point for your site is to get a copy of all the content you have created since you started shooting. We want to create a spreadsheet of sorts called a database, of all our videos. You’ll need a CMS such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, or Drupal to sell your videos on.

60.7% of all websites using a known content management system (CMS) in 2019 use WordPress. gets 144 million unique monthly visits, which makes it the 5th most-viewed platform in the US after Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter.

The Good

Web scrapers are fast, and automated.

The Bad

You’re gonna break a ToS or two. But fucking prove it, you know what I mean? This would be a good place for me to plug NordVPN. If you’re gonna be using web crawlers, spiders, or automated tools of this nature, make sure you have a VPN enabled! Don’t scrape the shit out of their sites or anyone else’s stores and you’ll be good. And obviously only post your own content.

Rule #1

Always post to your own website first. Google uses the post’s publication/indexing date as a factor when ranking duplicate content in the SERPs.

  1. Create a sitemap for your website
  2. Submit your sitemap(s) to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines you care about.

The Ugly

So you’ve got Google Analytics installed on your site and collecting data. For those of you who don’t, do a quick search for “how to install Google Analytics“.

Now that you’re back, lets get into it — this is where it gets ugly. Data science is as much of an art as it is a science.

I’ve got two words for you — duplicate content. There’s a lot of ways to make this strategy work without duplicating your content. Search engines love good, unique content. You could hire writers to write a unique description for each platform, for each clip. So whether you hire 3 writers, or 5 writers, there all gonna write descriptions for the same videos, and each version is gonna go out to a different domain (Clip Site/Store). Each time you create a copy of the content on another site you are creating some competition across all the domains you post it on, but by having a unique description, you are fixing this issue.

Cross-posting your content to clip stores, distributors, and tube sites should be the cornerstone of any porn business strategy. I mean, it’s your content. I’m gonna guess yoy copy and paste it between your stores? Probably. Just get organized and open a st and alone website for yourself if you sell you porn videos or fetish clips online.

Try not to create too many versions of the original content, as it will hurt you in the long run. A lot of you probably do it already and don’t know it. Forunately you can always go back and fix it later, and you should take advantage of that as soon as you can. If you just want to update a clip store, any description will get you ~99% the way there. Imagine this, you distribute to your paysite, clip store #1, clip store #2, and clip store #3. Your store gets updated and it mostly marketed within that domain name. So if it’s your ManyVids store, and so on.

But now you have four versions of more-or-less the same content, and that’s not a great long-term strategy. If you want your clips to sell forever, make sure to put unique titles, descriptions, keywords and even (not always) categories.

Banned Instagram Hashtags 2018

We’re talking banned Instagram hashtags today.

If you use Instagram as part of your adult social media strategy, then you are probably aware of the benefit of using hashtags (AKA keywords) to reach out to your audience. I’ve been using IG for a little bit as a promotional tool and I’d like to share a bit of knowledge with you.

Instagram is a (more) SFW platform than Twitter, although they both feature a NSFW filter for their content. Getting a post, tweet, or your profile flagged for “Sensitive Content” will reduce your visibility across these websites, thus decreasing your overall audience reach.

I’ve come across a few lists of banned instagram hashtags which you should avoid using. IG will either partially censor, or completely block posts containing the following hashtags. Some hashtags are banned temporarily, some forever, some may penalize or even result in your account being banned. (This is just a partial list, and accurate at the time of this blog post).

List of Banned Instagram Hashtags


  • #17bitch
  • #adiosbitchachos
  • #anal
  • #arse
  • #asfuck
  • #ass
  • #balls
  • #bang
  • #bangbang
  • #beautyandessex
  • #bestfuckingtimeever
  • #bigboobs
  • #bigbootyhoe
  • #bigtits
  • #birthdaysex
  • #bitch
  • #bitchcanigetacosmo
  • #BitchDontKillMyVibes
  • #bitches
  • #bitcheslovehim
  • #bitchesofig
  • #bitchyougotit
  • #Blowjob
  • #bobbysbitches
  • #boob
  • #boobear
  • #boobies
  • #boobs
  • #boobz
  • #breasts
  • #bubblebutt
  • #bush
  • #chink
  • #classybitch
  • #clit
  • #cock
  • #cocks
  • #cum
  • #cunt
  • #curlyheadedfuck
  • #daddylove
  • #deepthroat
  • #dick
  • #dicks
  • #dildo
  • #dildos
  • #dripping
  • #DuckDynastyBitch
  • #fastasfuck
  • #fatass
  • #fetish
  • #foodorgasm
  • #freshasfuck
  • #fuck
  • #fuckbitches
  • #fuckbulltaco
  • #fuckday
  • #fucked
  • #fucker
  • #fuckfriday
  • #fuckFriends
  • #fuckfuelprices
  • #fuckhislife
  • #fuckinass
  • #fucking
  • #fuckingbeasting
  • #fuckingdead
  • #fuckingfantastisk
  • #fuckingfinally
  • #fuckinsong
  • #FuckIt
  • #fuckitho
  • #fuckitway
  • #fuckkillergames
  • #fuckLife
  • #fuckmyjob
  • #fuckoff
  • #fuckouttahere
  • #fuckpockets
  • #fuckpsy
  • #fuckrunning
  • #fucks
  • #fuckshoveling
  • #fucksleep
  • #fuckthefashion
  • #fuckthelaw
  • #fuckthelightning
  • #fuckthemoney
  • #fucktherules
  • #fuckthis
  • #fucktyler
  • #fucku
  • #fuckwhodontbelieveinus
  • #fuckwitmenow
  • #fuckyea
  • #fuckyeah
  • #fuckyeahellacuties
  • #fuckyeahh
  • #fuckyes
  • #fuckyopictures
  • #fuckyou
  • #fuckyouautocorrect
  • #fuckyouhitler
  • #fuckyoupayme
  • #fuckyourview
  • #getnakedpls
  • #grindin
  • #hardcore
  • #helpabitchout
  • #hoes
  • #hungrycunt
  • #idontgiveafuck
  • #ifuckinwish
  • #IG
  • #iloveitwhenhemakesthisexpression
  • #ilovemyinstagram
  • #incest
  • #instabitch
  • #instabody
  • #instafuck
  • #instagirl
  • #instagram
  • #instasex
  • #iphone
  • #iphone4s
  • #iphoneography
  • #jailbait
  • #jamesmotherfuckingfranco
  • #jizz
  • #jugs
  • #kike
  • #kikmeboys
  • #kikmenow
  • #knockers
  • #kyke
  • #lazyasfuck
  • #likeigiveadick
  • #livingsexy
  • #loseweight
  • #milf
  • #mouthtopenis
  • #mybitches
  • #naked
  • #nakedtimes
  • #nipple
  • #nipples
  • #nopecsnosex
  • #notassexylicousasyou
  • #nude
  • #oral
  • #penis
  • #photography
  • #poop
  • #popular
  • #popularpage
  • #porn
  • #porno
  • #pornography
  • #proanorexia
  • #probulimia
  • #pussy
  • #rackcitybitch
  • #rfucked
  • #sex
  • #sexiest
  • #sextalk
  • #SexualWednesdays
  • #sexy
  • #sexyback
  • #sexyboys
  • #sexyespoco
  • #sexygirls
  • #sexys
  • #sexyscruff
  • #sexyteen
  • #sexytimes
  • #shavedbay
  • #shirtless
  • #shit
  • #slut
  • #sluts
  • #smut
  • #sofuckingtierd
  • #spic
  • #strip
  • #thesex
  • #thesexisintheheel
  • #thesexpistols
  • #thinspiration
  • #thinspo
  • #tipsydumbcunt
  • #tit
  • #tits
  • #turnontheboobtube
  • #vag
  • #vagina
  • #wank
  • #weed
  • #wefabulousbitch
  • #whitepower
  • #whore
  • #whores
  • #winterfuckoff
  • #xxx

Search banned instagram hashtags

Also, here’s a free instagram reasearch tool to help you find more banned instagram keywords.

Learn more about IG banned hashtags

And some more articles to read regarding banned hashtags on Instagram that you should read:

That’s all I’ve got for you today! If you like this kind of stuff, I’ll be posting more free adult webmaster advice to the blog as I write them.

If you have any questions, please ask! Until next time, keep shooting great content!