It’s like a form-filler. Content Distribution Suite for Clips4Sale, ManyVids, OnlyFans, Xvideos, and Pornhub. No more copy/paste when adding your clips to a new clipstore!


  1. Download the latest version of the ClipNuke Chrome extension from
  2. Extract to a folder on your PC.
  3. Navigate to chrome://extensions/, enable Developer mode and click "Load Unpacked" button.
  4. Select the /build directory where you unzipped this extension. (Which contains the manifest file). Chrome Installation

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for a account.
  2. Add your video metadata (and files) to ClipNuke.


Watch a demo of this software in action Watch a demo of this software in action

Clips4Sale Clips4Sale API automatically fills out the required fields on the add clip page using the video’s metadata saved to your clipnuke account.

XVideos Some sites like PornHub and XVideos allow a user to specify 10+ translations for each title. ClipNuke includes an AI to automatically translate the title to all languages with one click. Imagine using Google Translate to translate each movie title to 30 different languages by hand. No thanks!

PornHub Pornhub also allows a user to specify translated movie titles to increase international viewership.

ManyVids One-click launch. Upload the video to a distributor’s site and prefill the form right from No more copy-paste.

Dashboard Track how much progress you’ve made with each distributor’s site at a glance, and how many clips you still have left to launch. Link each clip to the video file on the distributor’s site — so you know which one’s you’ve already uploaded, and which one’s you still need to monetize.


  • AI Auto-translator
  • Search Engine to find your clips.
  • Spreadsheet view that allows you to see what videos are uploaded to which site — arranging sites by columns.


  • Using a browser extension allows the user to make changes (or complete) the form data while posting a new video. A producer may need to attach a 2257 model release, Driver’s License, or other compliance document to each video. So we’ll never be able to achieve full automation on those sites — but this is the best solution by far. A sidekick app that modifies the upload video form itself when a user visit’s the page.

What are you waiting for? Power up your clip store today! Mo’ clips equals mo’ money.


  1. Autosave prompt when creating a new product on Clips4Sale/Manyvids to create new product on ClipNuke.
  2. Sync button — pull data from clips4sale and update the product data with it.
  3. Add OnlyFans, ExtraLunchMoney, ModelCentro, and more distributors.