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Sign distribution deals for your adult content!

Monetize your content in ways you never thought possible. You’re an Intellectual Property rights owner, and as such you have the right to license your content to other people. Which is what you do every time you sign up for a new clip site like Clips4Sale or ManyVids — in their Terms of Service is a license agreement granting them the right to sell/distribute your content on their platform in exchange for a percentage of the profit.

Earn money from Content Licensing!

You have the right to license your content to webmasters to use on their membership site, documentary filmmakers, other producers to sell in their store, or even for sex shops to print their own Blu-rays or DVDs of your content in their stores. It’s up to you to decide which licenses you offer and for how much. We’d recommend commercial licenses for your clips start at $35 per movie, that seems to be an industry-standard rate. Each of your videos can be sold unlimited times to website owners to use on their site. In exchange you get a royalty payment as a lump sum or subscription fee. Users can buy the rights to a single video, or add many of them to their cart. Upon payment the non-exclusive licenses will be generated as a PDF for the licensee with whichever rights they bought. Clip Store Rights, VOD Rights, Tube Rights, Physical Blu-ray/DVD Rights, or even exclusive rights for a premium. This DRM plugin automatically generates the License Agreements which you and the licensee need to create legally binging contracts between your business and the licensee. This plugin automatically attaches 2257 Model Releases, the actor(s) 2 Forms of Identification, to the license agreement between you and the partner/distributor. It also creates a secure directory on your server to host the performer’s PII data (driver’s license, legal names, model releases) so that the files cannot be accessed directly, this is a legal requirement, our software is compliant to GSA guidelines on storing PII data.

Here’s an example of what the enerated PDF looks like. Notice the IDs attached to the bottom of the License Agreement. That way it is as simple as possible for you and your licensees.


We developed a revolutionary product called Digital-Rights-as-a-Service (DRaaS) where a licensee pays a monthly subscription for a recurring license to your content. The licensee must rebill for their rights to stay active, but you still remain the true content holder long-term. If they cancel the subscription the rights expire at the end of the billing period. This could be a month, a year, or 5-year subscription period. You can sell whichever rights you feel comfortable selling. Set up a whole new stream of income and expand your brand with paying affiliates! Like your own MLM.

By buying ClipNuke DRM you also are able to use this new business model on your WordPress site. See xxxmultimedia’s partner program for an example of this product in action.

Included in this product is a free consultation and as many hours of programming labor to get the ClipNuke DRM system set up on your site as it takes. But realistically it should only take a day or two to integrate with your WooCommerce system.

This plugin adds a new webpage to your WooCommerce site for users to view and download their purchased licenses & video files.
Porn Content Licensing Software


WordPress site running a WooCommerce Store

Advanced Custom Fields Plugin

Hack your business’s value chain and improve your company’s valuation.

Grow Your Supply Chain

As you can see from this diagram licensing is a key part of the Distribution step of your company’s supply chain. As the business owner you are in charge of signing all the distribution deals. If you were a TV show producer you’d want to sign a distribution deal with Hulu, Netflix, TV Channels like HBO, AMC or MTV, and if you’re a show like Seinfield you could sign rights to different TV channels over the years — netting Jerry Seinfield a cool $3 billion dollars over the past 30+ years of syndication.
The biggest distribution deals you have right now are probably you Clips4Sale store, or ManyVids — but you can also sign small, independent deals with porn sites looking to acquire content for their members/customers. Handle those deals automatically too — you’re potential partners won’t know unless you tell them. So create licensing products on your site like me. Expand your brand though distribution deals, and get paid for it! You could either sell your $10 video 10x or sell one license for $100, think about it. You have a way to monetize your content that is so powerful, yet untapped. All you need is IDs, model releases, and ClipNuke DRM to sell your own Digital-Rights-as-a-Service program and content licenses.

You create the product and it’s up to your distributors to get it in the hands of your customers.

A Typical Film Studio’s Business Model

Improve Your Film Company’s Value Chain

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