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Provides 2 different methods of running your entire Clips4Sale store on your own domain/subdomain.

  1. NGINX – Rewrites ALL URLs to your custom domain name/subdomain.
  2. HTML Only – Embeds your C4S store w/ just a single webpage.



  1. A running Nginx server built with ngx_http_sub_module. (Or a running web server if you’re using HTML only method.)
  2. A Clips4Sale store.
  3. A domain or subdomain to setup as the whitelabel site.

Installation – NGINX

Copy the code from nginx.conf into the http block of your nginx reverse proxy server. See this article for instructions on configuring Nginx.

Change the A or CNAME DNS records to point to your NGINX reverse proxy’s IP address or domain name. Change the variables inside the nginx.conf server block to the same domain/subdomain.


You need to change a few variables to match your site.

Server {}

  1. server_name Change this to your desired whitelabel domain/subdomain. (Ex.
  2. ssl_certificate Path to your SSL certificate. Please note, your SSL certificate must match your whitelabel domain/subdomain.
  3. ssl_certificate_key Path to your SSL certificate private key.
  4. access_log Path to your site’s logfile.
  5. error_log Path to your site’s error logfile.
location /
  1. proxy_pass Set this value to the URL your studio resolves to on the C4S website. It looks like this
  2. proxy_redirect Same as above.
  3. sub_filter Change the URL in the script tag src attribute to the location of your hosted injected.js file.
location /studio/
  1. sub_filter Change the URL in the script tag src attribute to the location of your hosted injected.js file.


You need to host the injected.js file on a web server. Set the src in the corresponding nginx.conf sub_filters to a publically reachable URL.

Use the injected.js file to add custom javascript code to your whitelabel site.


Add your Clips4Sale CID and studio’s logo image to the injected.js file to customize your site.

  1. var cid = “”; // Set your Clips4Sale incentives CID.
  2. var logo = “”; // Set to an image of your logo

Installation – HTML Only

  1. Change the **src** in the index.html file to match your Clips4Sale store URL.
  2. Upload the index.html file to the root of your domain name/subdomain’s web server.

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