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We have spent since 2017 doing Research & Development for and it’s REVOLUTIONARY technologies it uses to provide seamless workflow integration, automation, and distribution value chain management to our hard-working producers. I am a busy man too — I am the CEO of & all of it’s clip stores, social media, and tube profiles. I Jan 2022 to October 2022 shooting new content & being an amazing boyfriend to my beautiful porn starlet girlfriend Anastasia Valentine, and launching her career & stores & mentorship. We also have a YouTube channel we run too.
There are NOT ENOUGH hours in the day to do all of these things myself, I DESPERATELY need a Team to help me offload my responsibilities to so I can still get paid from my studio and support the costs of developing & dedicating my FULL ATTENTION to’s development. I have 8 years of experience leading teams as a producer — delegating tasks, scaling up businesses horizontally & vertically. And had a full 5 person team in 2018 running while I focused on ClipNuke & just shooting while my team handled editing, data entry, distribution to my clip stores and accounts.
I am the ONLY person alive who is experienced & knowledgable enough to lead a project like this (being a producer myself which knows every pain-point & bottleneck of a producer’s daily routine; 20 years in Information Technology & 5+ programming languages, software engineering, cloud automation & architecture), and the technology being used in this app advances the current state of porn tech used on the web by 15 years! Let’s bring the porn industry into the 2020’s instead of using all these ANTIQUATED upload interfaces used by Clips4Sale/ManyVids/OnlyFans that hasn’t updated their admin panels in 10+ years. ClipNuke is the solution to complete workflow integration & brings the uploading process right to your desktop all-the-way to EVERY distributor’s site from one minimalized interface. No duplicate fields — every redundancy & unnecessary click or copy/paste has been ELIMINATED, that is the very CORE of our philosophy for ClipNuke.
But I NEED YOUR HELP — please help me, help you make more money from your Intellectual Property rights as a fellow porn producer by DONATING whatever you can afford to SUPPORT OUR PROJECT. This is my gift to the adult industry, and is the product of ~10 years of experience in the porn biz. We DESERVE a better system — there is no physical way ONE PERSON or maybe 2 can possibly manage to run all 10+ of these porn site accounts AND still have time to shoow new videos. We’re democratizing your data — liberating it from being LOCKED IN to one site. Your data is ALWAYS available for you to download/export and has been STANDARDIZED for future clip stores to integrate with for bulk upload’s, if they ever develop a system for it, I’m not holding my breath, that’s why I built ClipNuke for managing *my own* studio — so I know it’ll work for you too, and keep you organized and find MONETIZATION opportunites for you and track your progress all the way through distribution. I’m in this with you — like I said, I run XXXMultimedia. I use all these sites myself, and ClipNuke is a HUGE help for me & my friends & our current users.
I’ve got literally PAGES & PAGES of awesome new features & automation ideas that will be added to ClipNuke over the next decade. I am creating ClipNuke as a producer-owned coalition to be owned BY PRODUCERS & industry execs because one day this project will have to be run by you guys. It’s been built, and it’s here *for good*, that’s the beautiful thing about code — you write it once and it just works, and does it’s job the same every single day 24/7. When a new Clip Store pops up we automate their upload form & you can WITH ONE CLICK upload your entire catalog to that new site.

Anything helps, we’ll give you a Thank You on Twitter or add your Website to our Donors/Sponsors/Partners pages for large donors ($1000+). Don’t miss your change to Advertise on our site & promote your brand and show your support for ClipNuke & the hard-working producers that drive the porn industry & adult entertainment. You’ll get exposure to our producers & pornstars that are using our services and signing up each day! Email [email protected] to discuss partnerships/sponsorships/Ad spots available on the site & in-app.

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