CLICK HERE TO VOTE “AIDEN VALENTINE” (our leader & visionary) for the “Progressive Leadership Award” for ClipNuke’s contribution to the industry & it’s workers.

TAMPA, FLORIDA – is the first & only-in-class Content Distribution & Automation platform for producers to upload their content to any clip store, tube, membership site without the hassle of copy & pasting over and over.

ClipNuke was conceptualized in 2017 and a public beta released in 2021. It is FREE and is available as a web app + Google Chrome extension to all adult content creators. The software also tracks which videos have already been uploaded to each site – to eliminate duplicates & find monetization opportunities! It’s an #OpenSource effort – so the source code is available for free to anyone to build plugins, apps, use the APIs for their own automation tools.
It’s ClipStore API is a layer (a wrapper) for all the Clip Store & Tube site upload forms which allow users to programmatically upload videos to each clip store using any programming language. What the industry needed is for Clip Stores to each have a public API for developers to build on top of – and since they don’t, ClipNuke build the public API for them! So studios can now build their own custom, automation solution – and it opens the door for other sites to offer these services, much like a Tweet scheduling service uses the Twitter API as the boilerplate. This is the foundation of a new era in porn production – automation.

This is the next big innovation for porn producers, and it’s available right now! Visit to see it in action and test it yourself. Contact Aiden Valentine at [email protected] for more information, questions, partnership inquiries. Aiden is a porn producer/actor/software engineer, and possibly the only person who could have designed a perfect system using the best practices of modern software development, because he’s an industry insider & knows the pain points of a porn producer.

They could really use the positive press & social proof of their website to boost adoption of this revolutionary platform. And the years of hard work, knowledge, and experience that went into development for this technology is nothing short of Award Worthy by itself. Plus the outstanding contribution to the entire porn industry, and it’s workers & businesses. The hours of labor saved each year, and increased productivity & output of producers will be felt between every facet of the industry — fans get more content, producers make more money, clip store have more sites, developers can build apps to help model’s productivity. It’s a major breakthrough in the world of porn technology.

There are many new features on the roadmap toward full automation.And Aiden is the right person to lead this project, but he needs the community’s support to give him the opportunities & resources to turn this software into a movement and usher in the age of automation